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Welcome to Classy Affairs

We are currently working on the English version of the website. For now please find a sum-up of who we are and what we do. We love to hear from you if you’d like to find out how our services can suit you.

About Renate

My name is Renate Badloe and proud founder of Classy Affairs – Weddings & Events. Since the start in 2009 I have had the honor working with more than 100 couples and their families. We are the first and only weddingplanner in Holland focussing on Multicultural, Interfaith and Indian/ South-Asian weddings.

At Classy Affairs we pioneer and create anything we never saw before. We are known for bridging the gap between generations while keeping values and tradition ànd combining them with a modern twist. Our expertise is to perfectly blend these elements and create masterpieces. Not just any masterpiece: we create Classy Weddings that reflect our couples, their background and everything they stand for.

Warm regards and hope to meet you soon!

Love, Renate


We always start with a free of charge first meeting at our office or via Skype. To us there is nothing more important than a good vibe if we start working together on your wedding. We present you with a proposal shortly after and when you decide on hiring us, we’ll go full speed immediately!

Our service consists of weddingplanning, wedding design, wedding coordination, destination weddings, proposal planning and wedding elopements for couples living in Holland, expats and international couples. Besides American/ Western weddings we are experts in Multicultural,  Interfaith and Indian/ South-Asian weddings. When it comes to Indian we do it all: from wedding reception to church wedding and from Nikaah, Punjabi and Sikh weddings to Hindu weddings in all its forms!


We create weddings everyone talks about. To us weddingplanning is designing your picture perfect in this happ and cannot-wait-for-it-to-happen vibe while preparing for the big day(s). You’ll probably feel nervous at times, shed some (happy) tears but we ensure this can be about anything BUT weddingplanning ?

Our network consist of the best vendors within the industry involving Western and Multicultural suppliers.
As an established name in the industry we hold an exclusive bargaining position when it comes to Multicultural and Indian/ South-Asian weddings. Wondering how to deal with elements as food/ catering or finding that amazing venue for larger groups? At Classy Affairs we make anything happen!

The Process

Weddingplanning is selecting suppliers based on your budget and style. We present a digital overview including detailed planning, budget and checklists which we evaluate consistently. We select suppliers, advice, negotiate, setup appointments and take care of all communication. When living abroad we virtually involve you in site/ venue visits using Facetime or Skype. Weddingplanning flows into the big day(s) and our team takes care of excellent onsite wedding coordination and production. Your job? Enjoy each and every minute!


We work on an hourly rate of €80 including 21% VAT and excluding travel expenses. Weddingplanning is always combined with wedding coordination. We offer you full weddingplanning as well as partial planning. Want to know what suits you best? Feel free to contact us!

Our Couples
Are perfectionists (yup!) with busy lives who don’t like to invent the wheel. They want us to guide them through their million ideas, Pinterest boards or twenty perfect venues. Our couples choose quality, expect us to deliver and appreciate our extended network and creative input.

Wedding Design

What we do

We design a unique concept guaranteeing the wedding reflects you as a couple. Each and every detail will be thought of. From stationary and entrances to menu selection and tradition. We are concept thinkers and love personal stories. Our expertise is to listen and highlight the gems in your storyline. We come up with fabulous ideas and details for a wedding that that is everything you dreamed of and more! The concept consists of a written proposal and moodboards so you can visualize the wedding. Investment: €750 incl. 21% VAT excl. material.

A & J about Wedding Design

“You are so creative. We were able to really create beautiful things simply because of that. I especially think about the use of warm yet light colours and the rustic theme combined with natural materials and Indian touches. So different! The mood boards you created made us visualize the whole concept and really picture the wedding. We had to deal with our Surinamese-Indian and Dutch culture, and both a legal and Hindu ceremony as a mixed couple. It was so beautiful how this all melted together. To us it was a picture perfect!

Wedding Coördination

If you did most weddingplanning yourself you’ll dream of perfect execution on the big day(s). Are you a perfectionist and want (reading: demand) everything to run smoothly behind the scenes? That’s when you book Classy Affairs for professional wedding coordination. In a nutshell: letting go while we create a relaxed and cannot-wait-for-it-to-happen vibe in the final run to your wedding.

Few months before
We run through booking you made, timelines and from there we create a detailed timetable. We also provide an overview of contact details, formats for seating, family potraits and checklists up until the wedding. As from now we handle all communication with suppliers, ensure final details are discussed and provide them with a personal briefing and/ or timetable.

Wedding day(s)
Our team consist of 2 to 4 weddingplanners ensuring everything runs according schedule. We overview and coordinate third parties and welcome, brief and guide vendors. When requested we closely work with relatives maintain the feeling of family solidarity. They may assist but aren’t responsible for handling suppliers or crucial elements. We address them when needed and let them enjoy the celebrations with you without any stress.

Starting at E2250 incl. 21% VAT incl. preparation (±20 hours) and 8 hours on the wedding day. Extra hours can be booked upon the hourly rate of E80 incl. 21% VAT.